Highest quality standards and certified according to EU food contact legislation

4PET Recycling is certified according to ISO 9001/2015 (Quality Management System Standard) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems).

Our recycling processes and management systems are audited and comply with the standards for certification under the EuCertPlast scheme.

EuCertPlast (www.eucertplast.eu) is a project aiming at creating a European certification standard for post-consumer plastics recyclers. The certification follows the European Standard EN 15343:2007 and aims to encourage an environmentally friendly recycling of plastics by standardising it to enhance transparency and improve traceability of collected post-consumer waste.

Thanks to the highly efficient decontamination of the flakes and ultrafine filtration of our extrusion system, CorepetĀ® FR80 is approved for food contact according FDA and EFSA and fulfills the criteria of major brand owners.

We have a positive EFSA scientific opinion on equipment and processes verified by NVWA.

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